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Artists for Festivals, Parties, Events, etc.

We offer ORIGINAL ARTISTS from Europe, Mexico and Argentina, with a large variety of styles: ska, latin, rock, funk, electro, jazz, bossa, swing, flamenco, classical, world music and more!

Since 2004 we have been working in MUSIC, starting in Latinamerica and since 2018, in Europe; gaining experience working with festivals, parties and events of all kinds in Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep., Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico.

​And most importantly: guaranteed musical quality and professionalism, since all the groups and musicians have a lot of experience in events and touring.

ATTENTION: Original compositions and arrangements are made on request (eg for publicity, video reels, entry and / or exit at weddings, etc).

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